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Pamela Wales Oracle Card Academy

Pamela Wales

As a young girl, Pamela used to dream of her Prince Charming in a large family home living the quintessential idyllic life. Now, in her

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Beth Spary Oracle Card Academy

Beth Spary

Spirituality and an awareness of universal laws has really allowed Beth to tailor her reality to fit with her desires. Before Beth became obsessed with

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Dawn Schliesser Oracle Card Academy

Dawn Schliesser

Like you, I wear many hats. Wife, mother, daughter, professional, dreamer, idealist, creative, maker. Like you, I like being of service to those around me

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Jennifer Rashkin Oracle Card Academy

Jennifer Rashkin

Jennifer is a Los Angeles based professional oracle card reader, certified life/business coach and owner of Hark & Hand. Jennifer’s passion for oracle cards started

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Garima Vasudeva Oracle Card Academy

Garima Vasudeva

Alongside being a legal professional, Garima is a talented Oracle Card Reader. She had always felt incomplete during her teenage years and sensed that there

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Mariel Oracle Card Academy


Mariel has become an artist through a journey of healing. She now sees her mission as helping women to reconnect with themselves after the storms

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Fiona Mackie Oracle Card Academy

Fiona Mackie

Spirituality has always been of interest to me and I can remember my very first reading back in 1995 shortly after my mum had passed

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Lori Whitelaw Oracle Card Academy

Lori Whitelaw

Lori lives in the beautiful mountainous province of Alberta, Canada, and adores the fresh crisp air and quiet surroundings that supports her spirituality, enhancing her

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Julie Hilton Oracle Card Academy

Julie Hilton

I’m an Oracle Card Reader and a Reiki Practitioner. I’m originally from London but now live in West Yorkshire, England. I have always had a

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Dawn Reilly Oracle Card Academy

Dawn Reilly

Dawn has always been aware of the energies that surround us and the role they have to play in our existence. She has a particular

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Anastasia Robson Oracle Card Academy

Anastasia Robson

I live in North West Wales with my son in the beautiful and inspiring Snowdonia Park, near Yr Wyddfa (Mount Snowdon)  I’ve always been a

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Jac Wallace Oracle Card Academy

Jac Wallace

Based in South Devon in the UK, Jac lives with her husband Ian and their two children Kat and Dan, along with their two cocker

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Michael Visser Oracle Card Academy

Michael Visser

I live in Brisbane, Australia. Sunshine, the Pacific Ocean, my city’s river bars and restaurants, great coffee, long walks, champagne and engaging company are some

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Diane Whitman Oracle Card Academy

Diane Whitman

Diane is an intuitive empath, spiritual medium and certified reader. Based in a beautiful coastal town in New England with her husband and two incredible

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Irene Blais Oracle Card Academy

Irene Blais

The eldest of a family of seven, Irene was raised in Ontario, Canada. She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 35 years

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Lisa Gill Oracle Card Academy

Lisa Gill

Are you willing to let go of your past and live the life your soul was intended for? If so…you have Courage!  In 2013, Lisa

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Deb Sakal Oracle Card Academy

Deb Sakal

Hello, I am Deb, I recently moved from the UK to Southern Spain – ever following the sun! I am also a professional artist and

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Nikki Diaz Oracle Card Academy

Nikki Diaz

Nikki is a traveler at heart and spent much time overseas before coming back to the States and calling Oregon home – might’ve been something

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Becky Hartman Oracle Card Academy®

Becky Hartman

A loving wife to her high school sweetheart for the past 45 years, Becky is a mother of 2 grown children and a grandmother of

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Rebecca Koller Oracle Card Academy

Rebecca Koller

I have had several life-times in this life experience each one building upon the other. For the most part of my life, I saw myself

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Tera Barnes Oracle Card Academy

Tera Barnes

Located in Chandler Arizona, Tera has always been in the business of providing service to others, whether it be working in a hospital setting or

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Andres Sanchez Oracle Card Academy

Andrés Sánchez

Andrés is a folk herbalist, spiritual teacher and OCA Creator based out of Austin, Texas. Ever since he was little, he has nurtured and cultivated

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Donna Lowery Oracle Card Academy

Donna Lowery

Donna is an Oracle Card reader and Angel Communicator who works with guidance from the Angelic Realm. For those who wish to receive Angelic enlightenment

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