Beth Spary

The Mystic Rose Reflections
The Mystic Rose Reflections


Practical Use of Universal Laws for Direction in Life

• Assisting you in clarifying your true desires
• Installing positive core beliefs to guide you towards your desires
• Guiding you on how to stay in alignment with your true self in order to manifest your dreams

Through her own experience, Beth has found that changing core beliefs and listening to divine guidance are absolutely key in profoundly improving life experiences. Upon this realisation, she felt compelled to spread the message as much as possible!

Beth’s life mission is to create content which will resonate with those who are struggling internally and looking for guidance. Beth believes that planting one small seed in your mind is really all it takes for you to identify your true desires & purpose, be inspired and blossom!

“We have the choice to create our reality, all we have to do is shift our mindset. I can help you with that part!”

Meet Beth

Spirituality and an awareness of universal laws has really allowed Beth to tailor her reality to fit with her desires.

Before Beth became obsessed with learning everything she could about Law of Attraction, spirituality, metaphysics (and everything in between), she describes herself as “simply trudging aimlessly through life. Trying my best to get through each day” Today, Beth can say “Now, I live every day with purpose.”

Beth believes that Life happens FOR you, not TO you.

Ros says about Beth

“Beth is passionate about the power of self -development and her life experience has shown her how a positive and deliberate focus can enhance and improve lives. Beth’s work brings a fresh spin to mindset and spirituality and her Oracle Card readings provide an empowering discovery tool for identification and freedom from limiting beliefs.”

Beth on Ros and the Oracle Card Academy®

“Ros has helped me so much throughout the Oracle Card Academy training. She always goes the extra mile in ensuring you are clear within yourself. After each session, I am always, without a doubt, left feeling high vibrational and filled with inspiration.  She has not only helped me professionally but also on a personal level, helping me to find the confidence and courage I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone and into my own desires!  The support within the OCA community is just beautiful and there are endless resources to guide you along the process (which is so much fun!).”

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