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An introduction to Oracle Card Academy® and its founder…

About Us

Ros Place

The Oracle Card Academy® was developed by the founder Ros Place who found her own self-confidence through the support of the cards and the messages they gave her…

“For me, the value of the cards was an accidental discovery. Like so many others, I have lived with exceptionally low self-confidence, and it was the biggest blockade I had when it came to making my dreams a reality. Back when I specialised in Angel Readings, I used to bring a deck of cards with me just to give my clients something to look at that wasn’t me – that’s how I shy I was!

“What followed was a gradual realisation of just how valuable these cards were for personal development. Their messages were ones of encouragement and beauty, helping me to see my own strength and self-worth. They motivated me to take small steps towards achievable goals that eventually got me to where I am today – happy, healthy and confident. I continue to use cards daily for their benefits, just like our graduates of Oracle Card Academy®.

“The Oracle Card Academy® came to life as a way for me to teach my carefully developed method of reading that doesn’t require the use of an instruction manual. Through one-to-one sessions, group meet ups and online resources, so many have benefited from my technique and the messages the decks have given.

“This training is a real source of joy for me – and so many others – and I want to share it with you. Always remember, every journey begins with a single step…”

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