Becky Hartman


Helping Others Find and Honor their Path

  • Feeling and being safe, heard, and empowered to heal.

Becky believes that by viewing your struggle from the Oracle Card’s perspective you can discover steps which will advance you towards your own answers, solutions, and healing.

Meet Becky

A loving wife to her high school sweetheart for the past 45 years, Becky is a mother of 2 grown children and a grandmother of 4 grandbabies. Becky trained and worked as a dental hygienist and now appreciates time for her interests including flower arranging, singing in the church choir, knitting, calligraphy, music, and playing the Native American Flute.

Becky was drawn to Oracle Cards to provide insight into her healing journey from a childhood trauma and found that the images, symbols and colours in the Oracle Cards led her to her own truth and healing. Becky is very clear that for her the Oracle Cards are not a clairvoyant or psychic communication channel but a channel to our inner wisdom and knowing. She is a Gold Certified Graduate of the Oracle Card Academy®.

Ros says about Becky

“Becky is a sensitive Oracle Card Reader who listens deeply from a place of acceptance and acknowledgment.  Becky allows you to explore and honor your own path through her Oracle Card Reading in a way which is both empowering and enabling.”

Becky on Ros and the Oracle Card Academy®

“During my entire enrollment at the Oracle Card Academy, I felt very safe, heard, supported, encouraged, cared for, sensitively led and empowered by Ros. With every session, Ros was helping me find where my strengths lie and what steps to take into my future. I’ve never met anyone with such a positive energy and outlook as Ros! Because of her mentoring, I feel empowered, and ready to face the next chapter in my life’s story. Thank you so much, Ros! I’m so glad our paths crossed during this lifetime! You are truly an example of “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

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