Rebecca Koller



Discovering your soul's path

I can join my light with yours and, with the Oracle Cards; we can navigate and learn from the darkness. You, too, can reawaken and add to your light. YOU will discover your Soul’s path and remember that you are not a victim, you are a miracle.

Meet Rebecca

I have had several life-times in this life experience each one building upon the other. For the most part of my life, I saw myself as an eternal optimist always seeing and finding the best, looking at the flip side, and knowing things would somehow work out. However, a life-ending (and beginning) event in 2014 changed my perspective.

Accidents and traumas can create darkness and hopelessness. They make it hard to see beyond the moment or to see that anything positive or hopeful will ever occur. I had no vision of identity, future, purpose, or worth. Were it not for loving family here (and on the other side), my guides, and angels, I would not be here.

Spirit whispered to me ‘Add Light.’ I pleaded “How?!’ A Udemy course with Ros Place taught me how. I finally found one thing I could do that would add to the positive energy of the Universe despite my limitations. I could now contribute vs. take. Now I had hope.

Fast forward to 2018 when the Oracle Card Academy entered my life. Ros, the Angels, and the Oracle Cards furthered my ability to ‘Add light’ in all ways. They became instruments of healing, awareness, and direction. I learned that my light is available to help others who also experience darkness in their lives and/ or for those they love.

Ros says about Rebecca

“Rebecca is an inspirational Oracle Card Reader with an empathy and awareness through her experience, which allow her to see the bright light within You, as plain as day. Seeing your light, and only your light directs her Oracle Card Readings to remind you of where you can shine and contribute positively in all areas of your life.”

Rebecca on Ros and the Oracle Card Academy®

“I don’t think of Ros simply as a “teacher,” I think of her as an example, mentor, friend, and guide. She is always positive and encouraging. The Oracle Card Academy is about finding your specialism and growing into it with Ros’ guidance. I found gifts, talents, and abilities I may have never discovered had I not had this experience. Thank-you, Ros.”

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