Lisa Gill



Helping others discover their own solutions in navigating through life’s transitional moments.

Lisa helps people come up with a plan for reinventing their lives after times of loss such as divorce, empty nest, career and relationship changes, and retirement.  With Lisa’s guidance, you will gain the knowledge, strength, and perseverance to become the best person for yourself and those around you.

Meet Lisa

Are you willing to let go of your past and live the life your soul was intended for? If so…you have Courage!  In 2013, Lisa had been guided by her angels and spirit guides to write a book. She surely didn’t set out to write a book.  Her guides told her that her book was already written in all her journals and notes.  She allowed herself to be guided by spirit to write her story, “Living Free…Letting Go to Restore Love and Joy…Courageously” in which she published in 2018 under the pen name “Karen Hope”.   

In Living Free, she shares how fear, shame, and guilt held her back from living the life that her soul was created to live.  Her journey was filled with traumas, old wounds, hurt, and layers of anger and fear.  Living Free shares her journey back to finding her true authentic self.  

Through Lisa’s journey, she encourages others to step out in faith to the love and peace they deserve.

Lisa is a certified Reiki practitioner, Life Coach, Spiritual Life Coach, and Oracle Card Academy Reader.  She has been serving as an Elementary School Teacher for 26 years.   She is a Dyslexia Consultant and has counseled parents and children with special needs.

Lisa resides in beautiful San Diego, California with her fiancé, two daughters, and two beloved cats.  She is excited about her upcoming marriage to her soul mate, Craig, in Maui, Hawaii in 2023.


Ros says about Lisa

“Lisa is a positive and encouraging Oracle Card Reader with deep empathy and a sincere desire to empower and give you the tools and practical steps you need to make positive changes in your life.

Lisa’s readings are focused on moving forward with life with the clarity and confidence that create incredible transformation one step at a time.”


Lisa on Ros and the Oracle Card Academy®

“I have always had a love of oracle cards. The answers that have come from reading oracle cards have always brought me much guidance, comfort, and peace.  Working with Ros has been a gift in my journey.  She helped me discover my guardian angel who I now feel will always be guiding me as an oracle card reader in helping others.  Ros helped to bring out my gifts and make discoveries about myself.  I was blessed to have Ros as a teacher, mentor, and spiritual healer in my life.  She has given me the confidence to move forward in living my life purpose. “


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