Imma Castelló Segovia

Imma Castelló Segovia
Imma Castelló Segovia


Coaching with Oracle Cards

  • Finding happiness at Work
  • Overcoming Career Obstacles

Imma specialises in coaching with Oracle Cards and enjoys helping her clients to find happiness at work especially where there are challenging situations.

As a woman in a male dominated industry, Imma has experienced real challenges and difficulties in her career. She loves her work and wanted to overcome her obstacles to be happy in her chosen career.

Imma chose to act and develop herself as a coach which has given her the power to  take positive action to overcome her challenges and become the happy and uplifted woman she is today.

Faith is important to Imma and she works with her Guardian Angel to develop a greater trust in her intuition and interpret the signs in Oracle Cards. Through her training, Imma has developed confidence in herself and now feels even more

confident to navigate any rough waters. Little by little her career is becoming magical and fascinating, and with help from her Guardian Angel, her spirit family and the Oracle community, Imma feels she is reaching much further than she could ever have imagined.

Meet Imma

Imma was born in Barcelona, Spain where she has lived and worked her whole life and describes it as a place where she feels her life purpose.

Married to her wonderful husband Marcel, Imma is grateful for having a loving family and for her very close and special friends.

Imma is a computer engineer and it is a job she really enjoys with fantastic bosses and colleagues who she calls her “family in spirit”.

Imma loves dancing, music, coaching, community work with children, personal development and all that involves personal growth and communication with Angels, Archangels, our Higher Selves and Mother Earth.

Ros says about Imma

“Imma is a positive and encouraging Oracle Card Reader who takes genuine delight in supporting others to make improvements in their life. A keen solver of problems, Imma has both a logical emotional mind which bring huge creativity to her readings and solutions to even the most challenging situations.”

Imma on Ros and the Oracle Card Academy®

“I don’t know if Ros realises how far she has come. Her listening is as accurate as a really experienced coach, so she rephrases and it’s so easy for her clients to take action for improving life. I really appreciate Ros. Time with her is gold. I consider her as a soul sister and she’s got a place of honour in my heart.”

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