Jac Wallace



Following your passions

  • Helping young people to identify and follow their passions; to live a life that is reflective of their true self.
  • Offering guidance through times where you may feel stuck or challenged by highlighting uniqueness and value.
Jac believes that addressing self-belief issues in the early stages of life
enables young people to become empowered and successful adults.

Meet Jac

Based in South Devon in the UK, Jac lives with her husband Ian and their two children Kat and Dan, along with their two cocker spaniels and five chickens. It’s always been known to her that she has a spiritual connection with Angels and is a gifted Oracle Card Reader and Reiki Practitioner. Safe in the knowledge that she has a purpose to help and guide people, Jac’s approach is personal, engaging, caring and knowledgeable.
Through her work, Jac gently guides through life’s challenges, clearing the way for a prosperous and joyful path to follow.

Ros says about Jac

“Jac is an uplifting and positive Oracle Card reader with a deep understanding of her specialism that instantly communicates acceptance and encourages openness. Jac’s readings focus on helping the uniqueness of the individual to lead the way and shine through into helping them to reach their full potential at any stage of life.”

Jac on Ros and the Oracle Card Academy®

“Ros is such an inspirational teacher and has guided me every step of the way on this wonderful Oracle Card Academy journey. It has been the most amazing experience and I have felt fully supported and guided throughout. The Oracle Card Academy community feels like a family, and I would recommend to anyone who would like to become an qualified Oracle Card reader – this is the place to be.”
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