Anastasia Robson



Helping You to Raise Your Vibration

Anastasia believes in resonance, energy and attraction and that you should always pay attention to your instincts and how you feel.

Anastasia describes herself as a hyper sensitive person and is learning to be aware of her own energy and how it can be influenced by other people, situations and places.

Her passion that it is what you believe and focus upon which creates your reality motivates her to teach ways in which you can to raise your vibrations in your daily life in simple ways and transform your own energy and your vibration to create your own new reality.

Meet Anastasia

I live in North West Wales with my son in the beautiful and inspiring Snowdonia Park, near Yr Wyddfa (Mount Snowdon)  I’ve always been a hyper sensitive person, and consider myself  blessed with deep intuition and a strong connection to Nature and the Web of Life – the All That Is.

As well as offering Oracle Card  readings, I am a Reiki Practitioner and offer distance healing to humans, animals plants and situations. My other work is as a silversmith which I absolutely love and make silver, copper and bronze jewellery – all inspired by nature and my surroundings.

With my life experiences as my guiding force, I love my work as an Oracle Reader and love to help people to raise their  resonance and vibrations by focussing on positivity, starting by taking small steps towards uplifting their lives and helping them to pinpoint areas  that they can change in order to create a better scenario for themselves.

Ros says about Anastasia

“Anastasia is an empathic Oracle Card Reader who has deep sensitivity and understanding for the power we have I our lives to make positive changes by shifting our focus of attention.Life experience has taught Anastasia that we can truly raise our vibration with small life changes which have a huge impact to create your new and breathtakingly beautiful reality.”

Anastasia on Ros and the Oracle Card Academy®

“Ros encouraged me to take the Oracle Card Academy Gold training when I was in a particularly tough place in life.  My son and I then experienced even more difficult times.  During this time and working through the course, I felt supported and empowered by Ros and my confidence in myself and a brighter future for me and my son soared.  I love this method of reading Oracle Cards that Ros has created and I feel extremely honoured and fortunate to have received my training and mentoring from her.  Ros is a very kind, compassionate, patient, loving and wonderful person and I feel blessed to have met her and have her as a friend.”

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