Jennifer Rashkin

Hark and Hand


Launching and Growing Your Oracle and Tarot Reading Business

  • Turn your passion for oracle and tarot cards into a viable, thriving business
  • Learn how to grow, brand and market your business in a way that attracts lifelong clients
  • Conquer self-doubt, self-sabotage, and procrastination with support, guidance, and accountability

Jennifer merges her love of oracle cards with all things business by teaching you how to launch, market and grow your own thriving business. From biz basics to marketing musts, Jennifer will help you organize, plan and implement a launch and/or growth strategy so you can focus on what you do best, reading oracle cards.


Meet Jennifer

Jennifer is a Los Angeles based professional oracle card reader, certified life/business coach and owner of Hark & Hand. Jennifer’s passion for oracle cards started at a young age, she loved knowing she could help someone obtain guidance and clarity through a simple, heart-centric oracle card reading.

The joy of helping others led Jennifer to a successful career as a casting director.  After retiring to start her family, Jennifer launched an in-demand web design/marketing company where she helped everyone from jewellery designers to production companies brand and grow their businesses.

Throughout life Jennifer always made time to read for family and friends. This evolved into reading professionally, offering her clients one-on-one advisement, on-set readings and special event services. 


Ros says about Jennifer

Jen is a motivational Oracle Card reader who creates an atmosphere of excitement and inspiration for your real life possibilities in her readings. Jen sees your potential and brings you to truly see it too. The result is motivation to move forwards and improve any part of your life, belief in your own capabilities and the understanding of how to make your inner vision become your outer reality.”

Jennifer on Ros and the Oracle Card Academy®

“Ros is my dream mentor come true! She is kind, supportive, and passionate about helping her students succeed well beyond any goals they’ve set for themselves. Ros is brilliantly insightful, always motivating, and challenges her students in the best way possible. Next, the Oracle Card Academy Method, it’s a total game-changer. Whether you’ve just bought your first deck or you’re a seasoned professional, the OCA Method will guide you to the most accurate, transformational reads possible. In addition to all the above, Ros has created an amazing community of smart, inspirational women. I have learned, laughed and grown so much with these dynamic ladies, I’m so grateful they are a part of my life. I can’t thank Ros enough for what she and the Oracle Card Academy have done for me, I can truly say they have changed my life for the better.”

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