Diane Whitman



Female Empowerment

  • Form a loving and empowering connection between yourself, the Angels, and loved ones on the other side, who Diane refers to as ‘your guides’.
  • Facilitate a supportive plan that’ll lead you to a light-filled and positive personal healing path in order to become your confident true self.

Your Guides are with you to support and help you in gaining the confidence needed to move forwards in your life and discover what makes you happy again.

Meet Diane

Diane is an intuitive empath, spiritual medium and certified reader. Based in a beautiful coastal town in New England with her husband and two incredible daughters, she loves to spend time with her family, walk along the coast and embrace her newest hobby – crafting!

When Diane hit her lowest point, she knew the only path to happiness was to know her true self fully, and she embraced Angelic guidance in order to achieve this. She felt in tune with these energies, discovering her ability to validate and acknowledge her own feelings, as well as a desire to find personal happiness.

Ros says about Diane

“Diane is a compassionate and empathic Oracle Card Reader whose readings are empowering and clarifying. Highly reassuring and deeply validating, a reading with Diane will provide you with the tools needed to move forwards in your life.”

Diane on Ros and the Oracle Card Academy®

“Working with Ros one-to-one gave me the opportunity to ask questions not only about the Angels I had been communicating with and the messages I had been receiving, but also gave me the confidence and support I needed to grow my business. I highly recommend taking the leap to join the Oracle Card Academy. The OCA has become a family of lightworkers that I will always be grateful for.”

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