Julie Hilton



Identifying the root issues to your challenges and finding solutions which will free you to move forwards.

Julie really enjoys explaining the absolute basics of complicated things and helps her clients to feel lifted and empowered with clear steps they can take in their lives.

Julie creates an environment of acceptance which provides a safe and healing reading with guidance delivered in a clear, simple and manageable way.

Meet Julie

I’m an Oracle Card Reader and a Reiki Practitioner. I’m originally from London but now live in West Yorkshire, England. I have always had a deep fascination for spiritual subjects, though in the last few years I have had an amazing period of accelerated learning and am proof you are never too old to reach for the stars! I love to help people and think using Oracle Cards and practising energy healing is an amazing combination that can help all of us.

My specialist oracle card reading will help identify the root issues to your challenges and finding solutions which will free you to move forwards. My readings are safe, non-judgemental and empowering. Working together, we would identify some of the things you may be overlooking and come up with different ways of seeing your situation to help you move you forward in your life.

I also give a complimentary distance Reiki session as part of the specialised reading I offer.

Ros says about Julie

“Julie is an Oracle Card Reader with a highly developed zoom lens of perception. Within an atmosphere of complete acceptance and calm, Julie will help you to identify exactly what you want to know. Julie’s guidance is delivered is with clear focus and results in guidance which is understandable and ready immediately to apply to your life.”

Julie on Ros and the Oracle Card Academy®

“I first discovered Ros via her YouTube channel and found her to be genuine and passionate about what she does. Her videos inspired me to check out more, which led me to having a couple of readings with her and ultimately enrolling onto the Oracle Card Academy. I can say that Ros has been the most supportive, warm and empowering person you could ever hope to meet. Her guidance and mentorship has brought out qualities in me that I didn’t even realise I had! I have found the Oracle Card Academy Gold training to be at a pace that felt comfortable and Ros’s teaching style really brings out the confidence in you. Thank you Ros for helping me grow and bring out the best in myself.”

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