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Empowering women to believe they deserve a life that supports their dreams & develop the confidence to build it.

  • Help women get off the self-help treadmill, stop the “prove yourself” hustle, and shed limiting beliefs that keep them from creating a life that feels inspired, peaceful, and loving.
  • Define what success is according to their heart’s wisdom and what living successfully looks like according to that definition.
  • Work with their Divine Spirit Team, specifically called in to help, to create a practical plan for daily rituals and practices that will move them forward with intention and purpose.

Dawn believes that a successful life shouldn’t come at the cost of your heart and soul. She seeks to support you in building intentional daily practices and in working with your Divine Support Team to build a life full of compassion, love and care. A life you adore because it was made by you, for you.

Meet Dawn

Dawn helps women put themselves at the centre of their life so they shine even more brightly in the world. Being a wife, mother, and professional she knows how easy it is to get swept up in all the expectations from society. Dawn has experienced, first hand, what is like to try and be the “perfect” mom, the “perfect” wife, and the “perfect” leader and businesswoman while trying staying fit, fashionable, and fully sane. The result was disastrous.

Not only did Dawn’s physical health take a downward spiral, her mental, emotional, and spiritual health started to break down as well. Her career crumbled because she couldn’t keep up the pace as her body, mind, and soul started to burn out. To make matters worse, Dawn started seeing the same frenetic, perfection-obsessed behaviour in her daughter while her husband drew more and more distant.

It was in the middle of this perfect storm that Dawn had an epiphany, if she didn’t start taking care of herself on every level. She wasn’t going to lose everything. She began the process of healing and learning and continues the process to this day.

Dawn knows she’s not alone in her struggles. That’s why she started Square Eight Oracle Cards and became a certified Gold Reader through the Oracle Academy. To help women heal their burnout and re-build their lives in a way that nourishes them.

Ros says about Dawn

“Dawn is an Oracle Card Reader focused on empowering women to be their most successful, healthy and fulfilled selves by creating inner harmony. Dawn is an attentive and sensitive reader who brings fun and lightness into her work, which will deliver clear and effective guidance to bring about improvements to all areas of your life.”

Dawn on Ros and the Oracle Card Academy®

“If you’re thinking about working with Ros, all I can tell you is do it! You won’t regret a moment of it. As a mentor, Ros is supportive, encouraging, and real. She is incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to the success of her students. Ros creates experiences that build confidence, and gives you all the tools, resources, and strategies you need to step into the professional side of oracle card readings. I never considered Oracle Card Readings as a tool I could use when helping people before I met Ros. Now I can’t imagine not using them to connect with Divine Guidance. One of the things I’ve enjoyed most in working with her is the honest connection we have during our training sessions. During our time together, she lovingly showed me where I was limiting myself and helped me to change them (or discard them) into beliefs that supported my growth. If you’re ready to put in the effort, working with Ros can change your life.”

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