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Project Love
Project Love


Project Love – Miraculous healing and transformation of body and mind

I developed the Project Love Method to give people access to effortless creativity through mind training that aligns our individual mind with the thinking of the Universe. The power of this mind training is that it enables us to transform and heal. 

In a nutshell, the Universe is a resource without end of ideas and energy. Ideas continuously seek for individuals to express themselves. Therefore, we need to ask the right questions to receive the ideas that we accept to bring to expression. That is our job as co-creators. For example, I committed my life to work out a way to link life on planet earth with the power of creation.


  •   Healing and transformation of body and mind.
  •   Evidence-based method with science linked in with spirituality
  •   Specialising in supporting healthcare workers
  •   App for phone, iPad or computer


Meet Michael

I live in Brisbane, Australia.

Sunshine, the Pacific Ocean, my city’s river bars and restaurants, great coffee, long walks, champagne and engaging company are some of the things I love. I’ve been with my wife and best friend for more than three decades. I grew up in Amsterdam where I met my wife who is from Queensland in Australia. I graduated in medicine back in 1985 and completed my doctoral degree in 1988. My wife and I had our first business in Brisbane, where we ran a lifestyle consultancy.

I completed many postgraduate degrees, including a Masters degree with a major in mind transformation. In addition, I had so called Near Death Experiences and my wife and I came to direct a healing centre for miraculous healing in the USA. In the 1990s I lobbied with the WHO to develop standards to help to minimise the distress and grief associated with end-of-life care for the individual, and for their family, friends and carers. Recently, I co-authored a guideline for wellbeing published by ACORN, the national organisation for perioperative nurses.


Ros says about Michael

“Michael is a reader who makes you feel like you are the only person in the world. He listens and hears you. He helps you to get to the heart of what you want to know and how to achieve it. All with sensitivity, intelligence and a sincere interest in helping you to experience miracles in your life.”

Michael on Ros and the Oracle Card Academy®

“Firstly, Ros makes this world a better place. She truly does. Ros infuses a lot of Love and Light into our hearts. Hence, I am grateful to be part of the Oracle Card Academy’s Readers. I resonated with the gold certified reader course right from the start. As an experienced healer my role has always been to let my clients transform and heal by facilitating their wisdom and truth to come forth. The 6 step method does exactly that. Ros was able to coach me as well on further developing my business and encouraged me to further develop my specialty in supporting health care workers.”

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