Andrés Sánchez



Plant communicator

  • Offering readings that combine the healing power of plants with deep personal awareness and guidance.
  • Helping you utilise the power of plants as allies who offer healing and resolution.

Andrés is a Plant Communicator who beautifully bridges the gap between nature’s kingdom and the human world.

Meet Andrés

Andrés is a folk herbalist, spiritual teacher and OCA Creator based out of Austin, Texas. Ever since he was little, he has nurtured and cultivated special relationships with the plants and land around him. As he strengthened his bond with the plant kingdom, he became increasingly aware of their gifts of healing and connection. Today, Andrés nourishes his relationships with plants by tending to his garden, filling his home with as many plants as the light will allow, and making herbal medicines.

Nothing makes Andrés happier than spending an afternoon with his plants and witnessing their beauty as they magically grow and transform.

Ros says about Andrés

“Andres is a Plant Communicator and empowering Oracle Card reader whose readings beautifully bridge the gap to create an understanding between the plant kingdom and humankind. Andres’s readings combine the healing power of plants with deep personal awareness and guidance.You will discover that plants are powerful allies who offer to help you to heal and resolve any situation in your life.”

Andrés on Ros and the Oracle Card Academy®

“Ros has helped me grow in ways that I never could have dreamed of.She is kind, insightful, loving and compassionate as she gently guides you through her program. She has a keen gift for drawing out the best parts of your talents and gifts so that you can blossom. I will always be grateful for her help and the knowledge I have gained through her courses.”

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