Nikki Diaz

The Wealthy Woman Within
Nikki Diaz – The Wealthy Woman Within


Connecting You to Your Wealthy Woman Within

  • Release feeling overwhelmed by ALL the ideas & stuck in inaction 
  • Receive clear guidance and create a focused plan for inspired, abundant action

Nikki’s specialism is to support Visionary Female Entrepreneurs to connect deeply with the wisdom of their Wealthy Woman Within.

Nikki blends her skills as an Intuitive Business Coach, Oracle Card Reader, Reiki Practitioner & Angelic Healer to create a warm, supportive environment for each woman to feel safe to explore what’s been getting in the way of bringing her sacred work into the world and shift into alignment with her Wealthy Woman Within.

Nikki’s clients tell her that after her signature Oracle Card offering, Awakening Insight & Action, they suddenly feel like they’ve reclaimed that spark & motivation to move forward with passion & intention towards their goals.

Meet Nikki

Nikki is a traveler at heart and spent much time overseas before coming back to the States and calling Oregon home – might’ve been something to do with meeting her hubby and adopting 3 rescue puppies! She views travel much in the same way she views Oracle Cards – a way to expand your perspective and find deeper understanding outside of yourself.


If you want to see Nikki absolutely light up, just meet with her and tell her what’s most in your heart that you want to bring to the world (or show her pics of your fur babies!). Nikki has always been fascinated and awed by each person’s unique gifts. – so much so that she considers it her Calling to see that nothing holds today’s visionary woman back from being seen, valued & very well paid for her gifts.


She looks forward to being a part of your entrepreneurial journey and connecting together over Oracle Cards to bring some sacred strategy and powerful visioning to your life and business.


Ros says about Nikki

“Nikki is a compassionate Oracle Card Reader whose warm listening encourages a gentle opening up to possibilities and positive change. Nikki cares and helps her clients from a place of empathy, understanding, and experience, with her desire to continue to grow and develop personally enhancing every individual’s reading.”

Nikki on Ros and the Oracle Card Academy®

“I can’t imagine a more loving, devoted mentor than Ros. Her energy and enthusiasm come through in everything she does – she has such a special relationship with angels and oracle cards that it inspires you to make it a significant part of your life too!

When I chose to go deeper and have Oracle Cards become a valuable part of my work, I reached out to her about becoming a Gold Certified Reader. From our very first meeting, I knew I’d made an absolutely rock-solid choice! Ros is so gracious & supportive that I immediately felt I had someone by my side who would guide me, understand me, motivate me and continually challenge me (in the most positive way!) to be my best self. I can honestly say discovering Oracle Cards lead me to Ros for a reason and I’ve grown both personally and professionally for the better because of my time with her!”

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