Lori Whitelaw



Healing through learning

  • Come to understand the spiritual and life lessons you have learned through your own experiences.
  • Discover how to use this knowledge to reach new levels of happiness and enjoy a deep healing process.
Lori’s specialism is to focus on healing through learning with a different perspective.

Meet Lori

Lori lives in the beautiful mountainous province of Alberta, Canada, and adores the fresh crisp air and quiet surroundings that supports her spirituality, enhancing her relationships.
She has lived a full life of many chapters and has been responsible for others from early on, which has created a strong sense of independence and personal strength. Having always held a faith that we’re all doing what we’re supposed be doing, Lori understands that we’re all here on our own journeys.
Her passion is to help people to see that anything can be solved and that there is always a way out of any difficult situation.
As a positive and non-judgemental woman, Lori is very easy to talk to, allowing for a beautifully open dialogue to be established.

Ros says about Lori

“Lori is a direct Oracle Card Reader who will focus on ways of helping you to see where you can make changes in your life. She will help you to see where to focus your energy in order to create changes and understand that other people’s journeys are not your own. Lori will get you onto the course of solutions and moving forwards with your life.”

Lori on Ros and the Oracle Card Academy®

“I met Ros through her Udemy courses, and I found her so sweet and connected with her instantly. From her excellent courses, I had Ros do my Guardian Angel reading, where I was introduced to Nova, my Guardian Angel, and through Nova I was guided to the Oracle Card Academy. Here is where Ros and I connected on a deeper level. She is one of the best teachers I have come across. Her compassion and understanding connects, not only with the cards, but your individual energy. I have had many ups and downs and Ros was always able to make me see how to get through. With the Oracle cards, I can be true to myself while helping others. She has always been warm, compassionate and understanding. Anyone can benefit from Ros Place and the Oracle Card Academy family. Thank you, Ros.”
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