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Clarity Revealed with Leslie Bennett


Soul Expression

  • Tap into your soul’s wisdom
  • Learn to trust your soul to be your way shower

Leslie Bennett is an Oracle Card Academy® Pioneer Gold Woman, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Reiki Master Practitioner, Soul Realignment Practitioner, and a Prana Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) . She is also a retired Certified Public Accountant.

Leslie describes herself as a Master Mixologist of energy to align the mind, body, spirit and soul. Leslie is on the path of recovery and has been sober for 25 years.

Soul Expression is a unique component of intuitive guidance which is especially powerful in times of transition as an opportunity to gain clarity.

Leslie believes that when we tap into the wisdom of our soul we become aware of the flow of the stream of goodness which gives us permission to explore and expand our vision for ourselves.

Meet Leslie

Leslie is a New Yorker living in New Jersey living where the woods and the ocean meet.

Leslie loves to be out in nature and living where the woods and the ocean meet and nourish her soul. This is when she feels most inspired and connected to her intuition. As Leslie describes it “the enjoyment and appreciation of ways of being and feeling” are much more important than just things.

The perfect way to spend time is porch sitting with Chloe her 14 year old beagle and a cup of tea.

Leslie is a strong believer in uncovering and owning our individual unique gifts and talents. Our soul is whispering to us and we often do not take the time to listen.

Ros says about Leslie

“Leslie is an encouraging Oracle Card Reader who creates a welcome space to honor and understand your individual path through life. Leslie believes that through your soul’s expression you have the power to transform yourself and your life at any point in and her own experience of life challenges and transition, provides a solid foundation from which to conquer your own and live the life your soul is always guiding you towards.”

Leslie on Ros and the Oracle Card Academy®

“The Oracle Card Academy training has opened the floodgates of my soul’s desires and purpose and being a part of this community has been a home base for me where I stay grounded and supported through the ongoing expansion of my heart and soul and purpose. And of course, the universe absolutely let me know when I had my first session with Ros that I was right where I was supposed to be… Clarity Revealed with Leslie Bennett meet your Guardian Angel Clarita!!! You can’t make this stuff up. Being a part of this community we are absolutely accessing our interconnectedness with the universe.”

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