Pamela Wales



Living Self Truth For Women

  • Pamela puts focus on helping women remember their childhood dreams that are yet unfulfilled and find that rhythm that’ll help you achieve your purpose.
  • Her work will help you find balance by declaring self-truths, so that you can feel proud of how far you’ve grown.

Pamela understands the feeling of being needed, and is responsible and generous with her love and energy.

Meet Pamela

As a young girl, Pamela used to dream of her Prince Charming in a large family home living the quintessential idyllic life. Now, in her 30s, she found herself divorced, having to work three jobs to care for her children.

Due to this chaos and stress, Pamela developed chronic fatigue and migraines. In her search for alternative therapies to heal, she found wellness, peace and balance. Now, she helps others discover that calm as well.

Pamela gently assists in piecing broken parts of the soul, mind and body back together, dedicating herself to helping others achieve those childhood dreams.

Ros says about Pamela

“Pamela is a deeply compassionate Oracle Card Reader. She’s sensitive enough to take you gently within yourself and find the strength and power to make positive changes. An Oracle Card reading with Pamela is both supportive and encouraging, providing empowering clarity and direction.”

Pamela on Ros and the Oracle Card Academy®

“Ros is an incredibly fabulous reader I love that she knows when to encourage me with exactly what I need to hear – she is divinely-guided. I look forward to every meeting with her in anticipation for what she has especially for me. She makes me feel wonderfully cradled in inspirational love and wisdom.”

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