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Fiona Mackie

Spectrum ROC Therapy


Navigate and conquer life challenges

Fiona’s specialism is to provide guidance which will support you to navigate and conquer seemingly impossible life challenges.

Meet Fiona

I have always been interested in spirituality and divination, but my career path led me to become a lawyer, thanks to binge watching LA Law and Ally McBeal (showing my age..).

However, a dance with breast cancer back in 2004 changed my whole perspective on life, gave me my first taste of reiki and crystals, and made me realise that my earlier passion was merely hidden and not gone forever.

I went on to become a Reiki Master, a wife, a mother to a boy on the Spectrum, but continuing my legal career as the family’s breadwinner.

It took another health scare to put me on my current path. Whilst off from work looking for further learning as Netflix was boring me, I came across Ros Place via Udemy, and subsequently the Oracle Card Academy. Joining OCA was definitely one of my better decisions and giving people guidance through oracle cards is something I truly adore.

Because of my life experience with both a terminal disease and Autism/ADHD, I decided that these were two areas in particular that I wanted to help, specifically designed readings with or without reiki. Obviously everyone else is welcome too!!!

With that in mind, I set up my Facebook business, Spectrum Reiki and Oracle Cards (“Spectrum ROC”) so that I can offer my services across the world.

Ros says about Fiona

“Fiona is a supportive Oracle Card Reader who listens and acknowledges you in her readings. Fiona’s own experience of conquering big life challenges, provides a solid structure and a special perspective through her guidance which will fill you with confidence and strength to conquer your own challenges with new found tools and courage.”

Fiona on Ros and the Oracle Card Academy®

“My journey with Ros began through her Udemy courses and after completing the Oracle Card courses, it felt only natural to join the Oracle Card Academy. Ros has such an amazing energy, welcoming, warm, friendly. Learning from her is a joy and it is an honour to be an Oracle Card Academy Graduate. The Oracle Card Academy method of reading method of oracle cards developed by Ros is so accurate it gives me goosebumps. Ros’s support and encouragement is empowering and I feel that I have grown so much as a person because of this. She has opened my mind and my eyes to many things and helped me move forward with my dreams.”

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