Garima Vasudeva



Re-connecting with your Inner Child

  • Rediscover your inner child and all the dreams you had at that age, allowing you to connect with the creativity still within you.
  • Learn to be playful, fun and fulfilled through embracing your interests; leading to an extraordinary way of life.

Connecting with your inner child, Garima’s readings will take you on a beautiful journey where the heart is victorious over all worldly problems.

Meet Garima

Alongside being a legal professional, Garima is a talented Oracle Card Reader. She had always felt incomplete during her teenage years and sensed that there was a higher power that she needed to connect to. With that knowledge, she set out on a path leading to an education in spiritual and healing modalities, realising that we are all seeking love and joy – two things that are being diminished in our modern, hectic lives.

Oracle Card Reading seemed to be a natural fit for Garima, as it so perfectly utilised her ease with interpretation and communication. Her mission is to use this gift to bring more joy, happiness and prosperity into the lives of others, offering the empowerment needed to lead a positively aligned existence.

Ros says about Garima

“Garima is an engaging and creative Oracle Card Reader who will provide accurate guidance to you through an extremely personal, memorable and empowering story. This, combined with Garima’s passion for reminding you of the power of your inner child, provides a catalyst for enormous inspiration and abundant life blessings.”

Garima on Ros and the Oracle Card Academy®

“It was a miraculous journey connecting with Ros. Her teaching methods are innovative and always catch your attention. Her ability to bring out all of your hidden qualities – which is beautifully amalgamated with your specialism – is a true gift. Ros always keeps the excitement and enthusiasm level high, and all sessions with her have left a deeply positive impact in my life. She is the best – teacher, friend, guide and supporter. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your positive and loving influence in my life.”

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