The Method

The Oracle Card Academy® Method

The Oracle Card Academy® method is set into 6 encouraging steps that are explored throughout the training and beyond. It has been specially designed to engage both parties in a reading to create an exchange that results in a full and beneficial experience…


A time for welcoming, engagement and naturally encouraging a beautiful dialogue to open up through personally crafted and scripted questions that signal the beginning of the reading.


It’s time to seek the treasure – a succinct question to ask the cards. Taking note of the key words and phrases that came up in participation, the ‘Aha!’ moment can be pinpointed and explored.


Add some magic to the question by adding personalised details to the question. A question should be your own – and feel that way. It’s all part of the joy to be found in reading cards this way.


Now enjoy the beauty to be found in the cards. Take in the colours and symbols, noting what speaks most personally to you or your client. These cards are here to provide love and positivity, so enjoy it!


Progress is a true gift. Take your personal guidance learned from your cards and choose one thing which you will do. This is the key to your success and is a promise of so much joy.


Turn your reading into a new reality – the original question becomes a statement. This is your empowering reminder and promise which frees you to make it happen.

We teach you exactly how to read Oracle Cards:

  • With a proven method
  • Without a guidebook
  • Which is simple, natural and which works
  • With every Oracle Card
  • In every Oracle Deck
  • Every time
  • Guaranteed

The Oracle Card Academy method is a distillation of over a decade of one to one work with clients and developed from feedback from some of the thousands and thousands of students trained through my courses.

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