What is Oracle Card Academy®?

Gold Certified Reader Ros Place Oracle Card Academy

I am so happy you’re here! Oracle Card Academy® teaches a beautiful 6 Step Method of reading Oracle Cards and shows you how to make good personal choices and help others to do the same with Oracle Cards.

Oracle Card Academy® is also an active and loving community of encouragers.  We all love to encourage, celebrate and support each other to take steps towards our personal dreams.

Our Oracle Card Academy® Gold Certified Reader Training teaches our 6 Step Method of reading Oracle Cards with a promise that you will understand the personal meaning of all of your Oracle Card decks.

We teach with an interactive and engaging 8 Module course and throughout your training a selection of One to One Sessions with me and with our specially trained advanced level Oracle Card Academy® Creators.

So whether you are choosing to read Oracle Cards for yourself or for others, we will teach you how to make good personal choice with Oracle Cards and understand the personal meaning of all of your Oracle Card decks.

Ros Place Oracle Card Academy
Ros Place Oracle Card Academy

Welcome from Ros

Hello I am Ros Place, founder of Oracle Card Academy®.

Oracle Cards have always been part of my professional work and they are actually the way I found the confidence to share my work as a Guardian Angel Communicator.

I love teaching the Oracle Card Academy® method and seeing students following the 6 Steps which carry them through every reading. I love seeing the excitement and confidence shine in their eyes as they suddenly start to see their own personal meanings and discover their own remarkable personal insights. 

Even without the guidebook. Especially without the guidebook!

Oracle Card Academy®  6 Step Method teaches professionals and beginners how to read Oracle Cards and learn how to help their clients, colleagues, teams, families, children and themselves –  how to make good choices in all situations in life.

To say I was anxious at the beginning of my professional work is an understatement with the blind panic, dry mouth and heart beating out of my chest!  

I now realise that what I thought to be a crutch for my confidence was actually a gift to myself and my clients and gave birth to the Oracle Card Academy® Method.

I would absolutely love to teach you the Oracle Card Academy® method and show you how to make good personal choices in all areas of your life and start seeing the stuff you really care about – really happen!

Thank you for being and please let me know if I can help you.

With love,

Ros Place Oracle Card Academy

Oracle Card Academy® can help you....

  • To work out exactly what you want and how to get it in every single area of your life.
  • Transform your life, where you are one of those people who starts seeing the stuff you really care about – happen…
  • Understand a simple oracle card reading method that will give you immediate access to instant and precise answers.
  • Give you confidence when receiving guidance from the oracle cards in order to take action.
  • To make empowered decisions with ease and feel about the choices you've made.
  • Help others through readings, using the Oracle Card Academy® method, empowering those around you.

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What You'll Learn
at Oracle Card Academy®

  • How to confidently read oracle cards without ever needing the guidebook.
  • How to understand the exact meaning of all the symbols and colours in every single oracle card deck.
  • How to confidently phrase endless personal questions to your oracle cards and get instant clear answers.
  • How to successfully apply clear oracle card messages to your life in a practical and actionable way.
  • How to feel completely relaxed and confident when you read for others.
  • How to provide meaningful and empowering support for those you love and care about in your life.
  • How to confidently make and trust your own choices and see yourself make clear progress.

What's Included

Training Modules

8 Training modules delivered over 10 Weeks. Modules are released weekly with 2 catch up weeks to allow you to apply what you’ve learnt.

Exclusive Materials

You’ll receive Oracle Card Academy’s very own exclusive oracle card deck and full colour companion manual. These are currently exclusive to the academy and aren’t available to buy. You’ll also receive the Oracle Card Academy® Power Symbols deck and Symbols & Colours manual, together with your Oracle Card Academy® Training manual which will accompany you throughout the course and onwards!

Training Portal

All of the training modules will be available inside the Oracle Card Academy® training portal, whereby you’ll be presented with videos, live group calls, workbooks and more. Everything is recorded so that you can take it at your own pace.

Oracle Card Academy® Mentors

You will be assigned your own personal Mentor, who are graduates of Oracle Card Academy, who will be there to support you through the training. You will also have 1-2-1 sessions with the Ros Place who will help you to dig deep with creating the future you want and deserve.

Live Calls with Ros

Ros will hold live calls throughout the training period, to allow you to ask any questions that you’d like answering. These calls will be available for you to listen to afterwards too.


This is a beautiful safe haven whereby you’ll be part of a community of fellow students. It will be place where everything is private and confidential but you feel at ease to share findings together

Oracle Card Academy® Training

Training Deck Oracle Card Academy

Module 1 – The Path to Success

Oracle Card Academy® is so much more than just learning to read oracle cards. So it’s important, right from the start, to set you up to succeed in life.

In order to do that you’ll have your first one to one with Ros, so that you can get to know your mentor on a more personal level.  Ros encourages you to acknowledge where you are in life envision your future of where you want to be.

You’ll get insight to what the Oracle Card Academy method is and how it will give you, and anyone you may want to read for,  the confidence to trust in the guidance and take action.

Module 2 – The Oracle Toolbox

This is the part whereby you’ll dive into the steps that form the Oracle Card Academy® method. You’ll learn how to interpret what the symbols and colours mean on oracle cards that you choose to use, and how this is going to help you read any oracle cards without the use of any guidebook

Helping you to really build a foundation and what the process of reading the cards truly is about. 

You’ll learn:

  • Participation – Work out what you really want to know about in your reading.
  • Phrasing – Create a question for your cards which captures the essence of what you really want to know.
  • Personalisation – Include names and additional information which make your question personal to you.
  • Symbols & Colours – Discover exactly what the symbols and colours in your oracle card mean to you.
  • Progress – Your one thing! Learn what you can do with the understanding you now have.
  • Affirmation – Create an empowering statement of ‘becoming’ from your original question.

Module 3 – Confidently You

You’ll be guided through a beautiful visualisation by Ros, to choose your own oracle card reading symbol helping you to get into the right space every time you do an oracle card reading. Ros will then demonstrate how to do your own personal reading, on any area of your life, using the Oracle Card Academy® method.

You’ll then be putting everything you’ve learnt so far into practice by doing your own personal reading with the support of your buddy, who will install more confidence and help deepen your understanding even more! This is a fantastic mixture of practical and theory learning at it’s best.

Module 4 – Hidden Treasures

Normally everyone wants to jump to the future cards in readings, but Ros teaches you how the past, present and future readings help you to get the most incredible gifts and benefits from every point in time. Each card fuels your progress and what the method does is teach you how to take back your power and move forward with purpose.

Module 5 – Goals and Purpose

Learning to understand what your specialism in oracle cards is, when helping others.

If you don’t want to read oracle cards for other people, then this training will help you to figure out how you can use oracle cards into your work environment or a long term project that you have that you’d like to achieve. 

Module 6 – Becoming the Reader

In this module you will literally be practising readings with others in the group as well as your buddy. You’ll be preparing for your upcoming reading with Ros in module 8. This is such a fun part of the training where you’ll practise and learn more  with our community – and feel your confidence soar and your relationships deepen.

Module 7 – Being Visible

You’ll learn everything there is to know about how to read for others, how much to charge and how to allow others to book appointments with you in the most professional way. You’ll be run through ideas and ways to get visible on social media, if you’re looking to grow your client base online, like Ros has. You’ll also be shown how to grow your business locally. You’ll find your way of doing what you love with others in a way which is wonderful for you.

Module 8 – Graduation

You’ll do an oracle card reading for your Mentor Ros, yes YOU will read for Ros! Ros absolutely loves these one to one sessions and they are inspiring, nurturing and confidence building.  You’ll learn how to share an oracle card readings for others with complete confidence and in a way which is you!

You’ll also graduate in this final module which means you’ll be given your own page on Ros’s website so that others can choose for you to read for them.

Payment Options

Oracle Card Academy®

Gold Certified Reader
$ 2999 Single Payment
  • Exclusive Cards and Manuals
  • Online Training Portal
  • Live Calls with Ros
  • Personal Mentor
  • 8 Training Modules
  • Supportive Community

Oracle Card Academy®

Gold Certified Reader
$ 500
6 Monthly Payments
  • Exclusive Cards and Manuals
  • Online Training Portal
  • Live Calls with Ros
  • Personal Mentor
  • 8 Training Modules
  • Supportive Community
Oracle Card Academy

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

You can sign up for Oracle Card Academy Gold Certified, complete the first 3 modules and if you’re not happy with what you’re learning then by all means you can request a full refund within the first 30 days of the training commencing. In order to receive a full refund you must have completed the first 3 modules in the training portal, completed all assignments within each module and demonstrated participation within the group. If you do this and find that the training doesn’t support you in any way then simply return the resources to us and we will gladly refund your investment.

Meet Ros


No you do not have to be spiritual, intuitive or psychic in any way. The Oracle Card Academy® method is suitable for everyone.

No, you don’t need any experience with Oracle Cards at all.

Yes! The method teaches a completely new way of reading Oracle Cards which has  advanced the skills of even experienced professional readers.

You can, Forever! Throughout the course and after your Graduation all of the online and physical materials will be available to you.

Yes! You will always be able to access the course online and enjoy and refresh the content.

  • Enrolments close 15th October
  • Module 1 Released – 16th October
  • Module 2 Released – 21st October
  • Module 3 Released 28th October
  • Module 4 Released  4th November 
  • Enrichment/Practise/Catch Up Week
  • Module 5 Released 18th November 
  • Module 6 Released 25th November 
  • Module 7 Released 9th December
  • Enrichment/Practise/Catch Up Week
  • Module 8 Released  16th December

Enrolment closes at midnight PST on Tuesday 15th October 2019

Inside the Oracle Card Academy® a wealth of support is waiting for you. We are excited to support your success in every way! You can ask any questions in our private group, and they will be answered for you. You can reach out to your Creator with questions too.  Remember too that you will have 3 one to one’s with Ros, 5 one to one’s with your Creator Mentor and weekly live Q & A together with online Monthly Meet Ups. We are here for you!

You sure will! You will have 3 personal one to one sessions with Ros – and she loves these opportunities to connect with you in person.

You will get as much as you put into the program. So it’s really up to you! Generally, students spend around 2–4 hours per week on the coursework, practice readings and mentoring while the academy modules are in session.

No! I will send you two special Oracle Card decks when you enrol! I will send you an exclusive Oracle Card Academy® deck and a second Power Symbols deck which will be all you need for your training.

Oracle Card Academy® enrolments will close on 15th October and not reopen again for 6 months.

Yes! Our community will always be active and open and there for you.

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Gold Reader Training Programme 

 Starts Fall / Autumnn 2021

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