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The Oracle Card Academy® was developed by the founder Ros Place who found her own self-confidence through the support of the cards and the messages they gave her…

“For me, the value of the cards was an accidental discovery. Like so many others, I have lived with exceptionally low self-confidence, and it was the biggest blockade I had when it came to making my dreams a reality. Back when I specialised in Angel Readings, I used to bring a deck of cards with me just to give my clients something to look at that wasn’t me – that’s how I shy I was!

“What followed was a gradual realisation of just how valuable these cards were for personal development. Their messages were ones of encouragement and beauty, helping me to see my own strength and self-worth. They motivated me to take small steps towards achievable goals that eventually got me to where I am today – happy, healthy and confident. I continue to use cards daily for their benefits, just like our graduates of Oracle Card Academy®.

“The Oracle Card Academy® came to life as a way for me to teach my carefully developed method of reading that doesn’t require the use of an instruction manual. Through one-to-one sessions, group meet ups and online resources, so many have benefited from my technique and the messages the decks have given.

“This training is a real source of joy for me – and so many others – and I want to share it with you. Always remember, every journey begins with a single step…”

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Your Oracle Card Destiny Reading Shows…

…that you are ready to create your own peaceful space for your dreams to become reality

Oracle Card Academy Training Deck No 21

Your Destiny Companion Card Means…

You are a kind, loving and thoughtful individual who naturally nurtures and makes space for others to feel seen and heard.

Your Destiny Companion Card is full of peaceful tranquility and space to breath and be. Your Destiny Companion Card shows you that it is time to create space in your life to develop your own creative ideas. Creating your own space will reveal an illuminated path to a calm and beautiful future.

Your Oracle Card Destiny will be fulfilled when you nurture your own ideas and make space for your own creativity and support others to be seen and heard.

Your Oracle Card Destiny is to create a calm space in your life for Oracle Card illumination and support others to be seen and heard.

Your Destiny Power Card Means…

Focus on What You Want

If you were most drawn to the Eye card you are being asked to refocus your sights on what you really want. What kind of life would you like to create for yourself with Oracle Cards? What do you enjoy most about working with Oracle Cards? 

If you had a magic wand which would empower you to do anything and have anything you want in your life right now – what would that be?

Explore what you really enjoy and the things that bring you happiness in your life  – look for where the good feelings and emotions live in your life – and this will help you to work out what you can do to create more!

There are so many things wanting our attention in life – so many shiny objects! It’s tempting to just go for anything that moves or sparkles!

But the truth is that focusing on what you really want –  no matter how far it is from where you are now – will lead you to living the abundant, happy, healthy and fulfilling life you seek.

Power Symbols Oracle Cards Eye

I am a big believer in DOING something to show yourself and the universe that you are serious!

If you really want to super-charge your Oracle Card Destiny, write one thing you will do to take you towards your destiny… a pinky promise to yourself…

A Woman on a Mission…

…to show you how to create an extraordinary life with Oracle Cards…

…without the tiny guide book.

Can you remember your first deck of Oracle Cards?

It’s like your first love!

I can clearly remember the thrill of opening my very first pack – the unwrapping – the snap of the plastic seal, the unsticking of them all from each other…

I remember the pounding of my heart in my chest as I shuffled (very badly)…

I chose my card – I took a deep breath – I looked at my card and smiled and felt like my whole life was going to change!

Then the inner shriek of excitement as I grabbed the tiny guide book and frantically thumbed to my card’s page…

And then the creeping feeling of disappointment – like someone had let me taste the sweetest joy and then taken it straight back.

Inside I felt embarrassed …… like my good feeling had been wrong.

I felt like I had been sent straight to my lovers voicemail……. And I knew I wasn’t getting a call back.

Do you know the story of the Emperor’s new clothes?

I remember reading this story as a little girl…

Now I am a big girl I realise it describes a situation where people are afraid to critise something because everyone else seems to think it is good or important.

To me, the moral of this story is that we can’t let pride keep us from speaking up when we know the truth.

And the tiny Oracle Card guidebook is a perfect example of doing something because everyone else seems to think it is good or important.

We are told to toe the line and ignore our own sense of what feels right…

Do as you are told.

Do what “THEY” say…

Everyone else is doing it…

And so “THEY” becomes the expert. In everything – from diets to parenting, from business to self improvement and “THEY” the tiny guidebook….

THEY will tell me what to do – THEY will tell me what to think – THEY will tell me what this means and THEY will tell me what is right.”

And I am calling out that old programming and conditioning!

And it’s not for everyone…

Here at Oracle Card Academy, We Don’t Do What “THEY” Tell Us

And this makes so much SPACE for YOU because…

Hi! I am Ros Place

Founder of Oracle Card Academy, black coffee drinker, early riser and cheese and cucumber obsessive…..

When you grow up feeling that you’re not the same as other people, when despite knowing you are a smart person, you are made to feel stupid by the educational system, when you are told that you have failed before you even start, you are igniting both a fire of passion to make it in the world and endless buckets of self doubt to put it out.

Growing up I fought for others tooth and nail. My skinny little body would regularly elbow her way to the front of the rabble to defend a friend –

often to be punched in the stomach

 and winded – but I never give up!

I will get up every morning, sink my black coffee and start all over again. I have the heart of a lion and I am a brave and insecure understander of how it feels to feel totally unsupported – and yet still I carry on.

I am an Aries woman and I am loyal and committed to myself and others. We didn’t have much when I was growing up, which has given me a drive to succeed that pumps through my veins.

The broken childhood home has given me a strong sense of independence resulting in the satisfaction of making my own life work.

I left school with minimal exams, which everyone told me would ‘hold me back’ and yet I have spent over 10 years building successful businesses, that include Oracle Card Academy, Angel Power Club, Positive Chair and Now Positive, all which have a mission to make a difference in the world,

not through following outdated rules,

but utilizing a method which releases all your power to be Your True Self.

I have supported over 10,000 students to learn new skills in creative and engaging ways which plays to your strengths and leaves you feeling capable and valuable.

My own learning experiences have been key to becoming a consistently top-rated instructor.

I feel a deep affinity with you, my Oracle Card friend. I have struggled in ways which give me an understanding of you, and this has made me a champion of you who knows in their heart there is another way!

Let’s grab our favourite pack of Oracle Cards and get a coffee together…

…and create YOUR extraordinary life with Oracle Cards…

without the tiny guide book.

Oracle Card Academy

Finding Your Way Forwards Readings

One-to-One Oracle Card Readings with Ros

Ros Place

Oracle Card Readings with me are not a spectator sport!

You can look forward to an interactive and engaging experience and we’ll be doing it together.

Oracle Card Academy readings are often described as a conversation – the most positive and productive conversation imaginable…


YOUR Oracle Card Reading is highly likely to leave you feeling like superwoman, but it’s…

more than just inspiration

more than empowerment


You’re definitely going to get answers but it’s…

more than just clarity

more than direction……..


You’ll have a deep in your bones confidence and absolute understanding of what you can do next…


You’ll know – without question – your next step


you’ll be ready to move forwards EASILY and IMMEDIATELY.

Finding Your Way Forwards Readings are crafted to support you

Find Your Way Forwards Question

Together we’ll discover exactly what you really want to know and then craft a question which captures its perfect essence.


Find Your Way Forwards Companion Card

You will choose one card from the exclusive Oracle Card Academy® Training Deck which will be your Companion Card.


Find Your Way Forwards Power Symbol

You will choose one card from the Oracle Card Academy® Power Symbols deck which will be your Power Symbol.


Find Your Way Forwards Answer

You will discover your answer by revealing exactly what both cards mean to you in relation to your Find Your Way Forwards Question – this is absolutely miraculous.


Find Your Way Forwards Action Step

Together, we’ll discover your actionable next step.


Find Your Way Forwards Affirmation

Your question, your answer, your Action step all come together a statement of Finding your Way Forwards Truth.


Finding Your Way Forwards Map

Once your reading in complete, I will send you your personalised Finding Your Way Forwards Map which includes:



Finding Your Way Forwards Readings are a One-to-One 60 minute Zoom or Facetime call with me.

Oracle Card Academy® Discovery Calls

Thank you for making it this far with me!

Ros Place Necklace

Can I ask you just 3 more questions to see if I can support you further?

So, honestly… is this you?

You love Oracle Cards!

You’d love to know exactly what every Oracle Card was trying to tell you – instantly!

You’d love to learn to read for other people…

…you dream of being your own boss and having your own business.

If you answered YES to all of these questions then read on…

I am preparing to open Oracle Card Academy Certified Reader Training (shhhhhhh!) and I would like to offer you a 15 minute Discovery Call with me to chat about you, what you really want and how we at Oracle Card Academy can offer to support you.

Oracle Card Academy is a very special community and everyone has a lovely personal connection with each other. I care about maintaining that special atmosphere and the personal connection we all enjoy.

So, if you’d like to take the next step – let’s arrange a discovery call and we can talk about how Oracle Card Academy can offer to support you and you can discover if Oracle Card Academy Certified Reader Training is a good fit for you….

Simply fill in your deets (please tell me your time zone) and I’ll be back in touch to fix up a date and time that suits you.

With love,

Ros Place
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