Your Oracle Card Destiny Shows…

…that your purpose is to share the blissed up heavenly feeling you get from your Oracle Cards and help others to find inspiration in their own lives.


Oracle Card Academy Training Deck No 5

Your Destiny Companion Card Means…

You are a generous, appreciative and kind individual who naturally wants to give to others in meaningful and lasting ways.  

Your Destiny Companion Card is full of new and breath- taking opportunities. Your Destiny Companion Card shows you that the Universe is opening up for you to create your most blissed up and inspiring life.

Your Oracle Card Destiny will be fulfilled when you share your Oracle Card bliss and accept the breathtaking opportunities to help others to find inspiration in their own lives.

Your Oracle Card Destiny is to share your Oracle Card bliss and help others to find inspiration in meaningful and lasting ways.


Power Symbols Oracle Cards Eye

Your Destiny Power Card Means…

Focus on What You Want

If you were most drawn to the Eye card you are being asked to refocus your sights on what you really want. What kind of life would you like to create for yourself with Oracle Cards? What do you enjoy most about working with Oracle Cards? 

If you had a magic wand which would empower you to do anything and have anything you want in your life right now – what would that be?

Explore what you really enjoy and the things that bring you happiness in your life  – look for where the good feelings and emotions live in your life – and this will help you to work out what you can do to create more!

There are so many things wanting our attention in life – so many shiny objects! It’s tempting to just go for anything that moves or sparkles!

But the truth is that focusing on what you really want –  no matter how far it is from where you are now – will lead you to living the abundant, happy, healthy and fulfilling life you seek.

Power Symbols Oracle Cards Eye

Hi! I’m Ros…

Ros Place Oracle Card Academy

…black coffee drinker, early riser, long walks lover and a big fan of cheese….

And apart from being a mum to Zed and Mani and wife to Eddie and enjoying weekends watching films on the sofa together…

I’m the founder of Oracle Card Academy® and I specialise in teaching the simple way to read Oracle Cards.

It’s designed for everyone from absolute Oracle Card newbies to seasoned life-long professionals.

I absolutely love teaching to make learning easy and fun and in a way that always gives you that special feeling of self confidence and knowing that you really understand.


I’ll always teach you in ways that play to your strengths

Here’s why…

When I was at school I can remember this uncomfortable feeling of not fully understanding things.

Like little holes in my understanding. 

You know, those awkward (and sometimes embarrassing)  little gaps and holes in your understanding…

Which undermine your self confidence… and make you feel insecure and doubt yourself.

I had holes in my understanding – gaps in my foundations and it made it very hard to build and grow in a way that felt safe.

And after most of my teens getting into scrapes and a kind of wild, attention seeking trouble… my early 20’s settled down but the feeling of deep insecurity and self doubt remained.

It was in my 30’s that I began to develop…

…a more secure sense of myself through my spiritual work with Angels. 

At this time I started to share my spiritual work with a small local group…. and I discovered that I could teach –  and that I had a gift of communicating complicated information in a really simple way.

I am honored to have taught over 10,000 students, received thousands of positive reviews and been rated a 5 Star teacher. 

Because I understand how it feels to not understand things – I believe I make the kind of teacher who has the ability and passion to empower others so they can understand things.

When you learn from a teacher who loves their subject and has spent years of their life coming to understand their subject it is so powerfully engaging and inspiring! 

And when you learn from a teacher who understands how it feels not to understand and therefore teaches in a way that plays to your strengths…something magic happens.

I am so happy to welcome you into my world where we can share our love of Oracle Cards!

Do you remember your very first deck of Oracle Cards?

And do they still hold a special place in your heart?

Mine were Doreen Virtue’s Archangels deck And I still feel such a fondness for them.

Archangel Oracle Cards GIF

There’s no better feeling in the world…

I love sitting down all nice and cosy with a lovely warm drink and my Oracle Cards…

I like to sit with my cards first thing in the morning with my first coffee of the day.

The house is so quiet and it’s my special time and my happy place.

I love it all! 

I love choosing my deck, shuffling my deck, asking my question 

Choosing my card…

I love the feeling of the smile on my face as I see the card I have chosen

I love looking at the picture of the card and taking it all in.


And for most Oracle Card Readers this is where the reading ends…

Do you ever feel like you’re missing a certain something with your Oracle Cards?

Do you feel like you might have chosen the wrong card… again!

Do you find yourself staring at your Oracle Cards… waiting for something more to happen?

How would you like to know what your Oracle Cards really want to say?

What’s the Number 1 biggest problem?

Thousands of Oracle Card Readers are missing important messages and losing out on priceless guidance every time they get their Oracle Cards out…

And it’s such an easy fix.

The Number 1 biggest problem faced by Oracle Card readers 

from complete newbies to seasoned readers… is that…

Thousands of Oracle Card Readers 

do not understand 

what their Oracle Cards 

are really trying to say.

And so thousands of Oracle Card Readers are missing important personal messages and losing out on priceless guidance…

Every single day.


But… you don’t have to miss out on important messages and priceless guidance from your Oracle Cards.

I am so happy that we have connected.

We can email chat over the coming days and share our love of Oracle Cards!

You’ll hear from me soon!

With love always,

Ros x

P.S. Got 5 mins? I’ve something helpful and quick for you to hear:


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